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Van Courier Insurance in Northern Ireland provides cover for the carriage of another’s goods. It is applicable whether you are the owner of just one vehicle, or a fleet

As with most types of insurance there are many optional types of cover available. These are recommended as they can allow you to relax a bit by knowing you have the best Van Courier Insurance that is available.



Goods in Transit

This type of cover will provide you with a peace of mind, as it can protect against loss, damage, or theft.

Courier Breakdown Cover

This type of cover provides roadside assistance.

Excess Protection

This can give you cover against any insurance excess costs in the event of a claim.

Public Liability Insurance

This will provide cover for you and your business should any member of the public make a claim against you.

Are there any ways to lower my Van Courier Insurance premiums in Northern Ireland? There are indeed…


By increasing the voluntary excess on you policy, you could indeed reduce your premiums however, should you make a claim, you will have to pay that excess. Be absolutely sure that this makes financial sense for you.


Outfitting your vehicle with an immobiliser or security system, is another way to save money on one’s premium. Also worth considering is a tracker. Should your van be stolen, you may actually have a chance at getting it back. If you are able find secure parking for your van, that will be a big tick for getting a better deal on your Van Courier Insurance.

Compare NI Van Insurance Quotes Online Now!

Claim your no claims

If you have a good driving history as far as your car insurance goes here in Northern Ireland, ask your provider if they will take this into consideration when giving you a quote on your Van Courier Insurance. Providers will sometimes ‘mirror’ the no claims bonus that you have on an existing car policy.

Pay annually

In all but rarest exceptions, interest is charged for the convenience of being allowed to make monthly payments towards your premium. An easy way to reduce your Van Courier Insurance cost is to pay up front, all at once.

Let people know who you are

As a rule, ‘pimping’ up your ride is not a good idea. The reason being, that anything that is off spec, usually increases insurance costs. When you do this, the unintended consequence is that it will become potentially more expensive and difficult to find parts and make repairs. That said, if your customising involves a company logo or advertising, then you very well might be able to attract lower Van Courier Insurance rates. The reason is simple. If your vehicle is easy to identify, then thieves are less likely to steal it.

Be accurate and honest

Make sure that you are upfront about what you will be using your van for. Some folks tend to round mileage numbers up or down. Be as accurate as you can when declaring the mileage. Remember, missing or wrong info could be a detriment should you need to make a claim.

Additional drivers

Keep in mind that whilst you yourself might be a great driver with a spotless license here in Northern Ireland, who you declare as a named driver can affect your premium. Any driver under age 25 or with points will cost you more. Give serious thought to adding that 19 year old with a penchant for the speedway to your Van Courier Insurance policy.

Compare NI Van Insurance Quotes Online Now!